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Esmond Pitt
Fundamental Networking in Java
ISBN 1-84628-030-3
Springer Verlag 2005

Welcome to my personal home page for my book on Fundamental Networking in Java.


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 Notes on Typesetting Computer Code (which does reflect what I did in the book!)

Author's comments

This book covers all fundamental aspects of the Java Socket APIs completely, from top to bottom, in a logical sequence aimed at professional programmers and tertiary (college) courses. It covers Sockets, ServerSockets, DatagramSockets, MulticastSockets, and the associated SocketChannels and Selectors and the very troublesome NIO package. SSL is given special attention, including a reduction-to-practice for the even more troublesome SSLEngine which makes this bizarre apparition finally usable. I have also covered multi-homing in more depth than is customary. I do not cover Telnet, FTP, HTTP, URLs and URLConnections, RMI, CORBA, Swing, &c, which are all well described in other books (one of them by me!).

I wrote this book because of my deep dissatisfaction with the existing Java texts and with Sun's javadoc, as evidenced on the Java Developer Connection forums on which I am well-known. Most of these books try to cover all known aspects of Java networking and IPC in 1280 pages with screen shots, and do it very badly. Some of the smaller books are more specialized but every one of them I have examined is riddled with errors and irrelevancies, including some very well-known titles. In this book I have aimed at being as correct and authoritative as W.R. Stevens in his TCP/IP Illustrated and Unix Network programming books, which are constantly by my side.

In this book there is no 'Hello World!'; none of the customary pageloads of irrelevant code, and no CD with an out-of-date JDK. Instead there are xviii+381 tightly organized pages packed with matter, from the fundamentals of IP to TCP, scalable TCP, UDP, scalable UDP, and multicast, with a special queuing-theory-oriented chapter on server and thread architectures. There are many short and relevant code examples, many useful tables, a list of networking platform dependencies you aren't supposed to get in Java, several diagrams, and a comprehensive Index. Source code, errata, author biographies, and feedback facilities are available from a Web site.
Esmond Pitt

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